Introducing the BEST place to play online rated tournament chess EVER.

A complete tournament platform that accomodates all the needs of US Chess rated events. All Access Chess integrates registration, video chat, online play, and results reporting into an all-in-one platform so you just have to worry about chess.

We're launching soon

We are launching soon! Get an exclusive discount and early access to the platform by signing up now!

Gameplay with integrated video 

  • Integrated video recording with NO LINKS
  • Call a LIVE tournament director for support
  • ​See your opponent, know who you are playing

Sign up is so simple

Sign up with your name and email, or link your account. Quickly connect your US Chess ID and accurate ratings.
Accurate ratings will automatically update from the US Chess database and we ALWAYS use the correct rating to pair events.

One-click registration

Busy Schedule? No Problem: register right up until the tournament start time, and withdraw at any time with no penalties. Play when it works for you.
Late Registration: register any time during the first half of the event and automatically receive byes for the rounds you missed.

Easy-to-follow tournament navigation

Never get lost with the easy to follow tournament module with clear indicators of the progress of the round. You will alway know what is happening with the tournament and where you are supposed to be. Never get left behind!

Always know where you are supposed to be

The chess revolution we have all been waiting for...

Cutting-edge technology, intuitive design and quality LIVE support. A platform that puts YOU first.
All Access Chess is designed by experienced US Chess Federation tournament directors. 

Be the best player you can be with daily events

Join pilot program + get Beta access

All Access Chess is currently a work under construction. The main features listed on this page are the base features we will be using to launch the Beta version of the app.

But before that we are giving all backers the opportunity to get pilot access to All Access Chess for the entire duration of our pilot program.

This means you recognize that not all of the features are there yet, but you'll still be able to get access and start playing in daily events. Once we roll out the main features listed on this page we will transition into our Beta phase of the app.

What you get

1. Pilot Program

As a backer of our project you will get access to the entire duration of our pilot program for All Access Chess. This means you'll be among the first to get access to All Access Chess before we even have all of the main features rolled out.

As a pilot user, your feedback will be invaluable as we tailor All Access Chess to meet your needs. We'll be actively looking for your input, suggestions, and notifications about bugs or issues that need to be fixed.

We do not have a set time period for our pilot program and it will largely depend on how quickly we are able to develop the remaining core features of the app.

2. Beta Access

As soon as we roll out the core features listed on this page, we will transition into the Beta phase of All Access Chess. As a backer of our project you will get access to all of the core features listed with Beta access. 

3. 50% Lifetime Discount

Every pledge will also lock you in with a 50% lifetime discount. 
This means you will be able to continue using All Access Chess at the following rates:

All Access Chess Player Membership

$30 $15/mo
$160 $80/6 mo
$300 $150/ 1 year

Core All Access Chess Features

  • 36 US Chess rated online events per month (24 blitz, 8 rapid and 4 classical events)
  • US Chess membership verification
  • Automatically updated US Chess ratings
  • ​Uncomplicated, easy-to-understand tournament information
  • ​One-click event registration
  • ​Late registration with automatic byes
  • ​Multiple tournament calendar views
  • ​Clear event alerts and tournament progress indicators
  • ​Live US Chess Tournament Director support
  • ​Immediately analyze tournament games within the platform
  • ​Download PGNs of any tournament game 
  • ​Take notes, annotate games and organize your studies with the built in Player Journal
  • ​Track your performance on the customizeable dashboard
  • ​Link your Twitch account and go live to stream while playing
  • ​Massive knowledgebase with US Chess tournament rules training modules
  • ​Share games with friends and family with free spectator accounts

Future All Access Chess Features

  • Integrate with over-the-board events
  • One-on-One Coaching platform with integrated video
  • ​​Affiliate tournament organizer certification
  • Custom analysis of tournament games
  • ​Coaching suggestions based on tournament performance
  • ​Enhanced streaming features

Launch Timeline

January 2022

February 2022

March 2022

Mid 2022

Launch of Crowdfunding Campaign
Crowdfunding campaign ends and we will be gearing up to deliver all pilot program accounts
Delivery of pilot program accounts. You'll get access to your pilot program account durring this time. Please be patient as we expect to be onboarding a lot of people and promise to do it as fast as we can!
We expect to launch our Beta version of All Access Chess (with all the features shown here!) sometime in mid-2022. We do not have a specific date set for this and it will depend on the resources we have available to push development forward. 

We also do not have a date set for when we release to the public (after beta). All Access Chess will most likely remain in beta (closed to the public) for some time as we work out, optomize, and polish it up for public release.

Now is definitely the best time to jump in!

We're launching soon

We are launching soon! Get an exclusive discount and early access to the platform by signing up now!

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